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Mr. sub menu Canada 2024

Mr. Sub Menu is a Canadian fast food chain that specializes in submarine sandwiches, or subs, as they are commonly known. The chain was founded in Toronto in 1968 by two friends, Jack Levinson and Earl Linzon, who were inspired by the sub shops they had encountered during their travels in the United States. Today, Mr. Sub has over 200 locations across Canada and is known for its fresh ingredients and customizable menu options.

The menu at Mr. Sub features a wide variety of sandwiches, salads, soups, sides, and beverages. Customers can choose from classic subs like the Meatball or Turkey Club, or they can create their own sandwich by selecting from a range of fresh toppings and sauces. In addition to subs, Mr. Sub also offers a selection of salads, such as the Greek Salad, and soups, such as the Cream of Broccoli. Sides include fries, onion rings, and poutine, while beverages range from soft drinks and iced tea to juice and coffee.

At Mr. Sub, the focus is on quality ingredients and healthy options. The chain is committed to using fresh, locally-sourced produce whenever possible, and all meats are free from artificial preservatives and fillers. Additionally, Mr. Sub provides nutritional information for all of its menu items, making it easy for customers to make informed choices about what they eat.

Overall, Mr. Sub offers a diverse menu of delicious and customizable options that are perfect for a quick lunch or dinner on the go. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic sub or a customized salad, Mr. Sub has something for everyone.

Mr. Sub Menu Prices Canada

Mr. Sub Melts

Menu Item Prices
Creole Chicken & Mango Chutney Melt CAN$ 9.5
Italian Melt CAN$ 7.49
Chipotle BBQ Pulled Pork Melt CAN$ 9.5
Bacon, Maple & Pulled Turkey Melt CAN$ 9.95

Mr. Sub Featured

Menu Item Prices
Assorted CAN$ 7.04
Assorted Combo CAN$ 10.39

Mr. Sub Premium

Menu Item Prices
Steak & Cheese CAN$ 9.18
Steak & Cheese Combo CAN$ 12.53
Ultimate Club CAN$ 9.18
Louisiana Pepper Chicken CAN$ 9.18
Ultimate Club Combo CAN$ 12.53
Louisiana Pepper Chicken Combo CAN$ 12.53

Mr. Sub Signature

Menu Item Prices
Canadian Club CAN$ 8.96
Canadian Club Combo CAN$ 12.31
Spicy Breaded Chicken CAN$ 8.96
Grilled Chicken CAN$ 8.96
Breaded Chicken CAN$ 8.96
Spicy Breaded Chicken Combo CAN$ 12.31
Grilled Chicken Combo CAN$ 12.31

Mr. Sub Gardein™ Mighty Meatless / Tex Mex Black Bean Subs

Menu Item Prices
Gardein™ Meatless Meatballs CAN$ 8.57
Gardein™ Meatless Meatballs Combo CAN$ 11.92
Tex Mex Black Bean CAN$ 8.57
Tex-Mex Black Bean Combo CAN$ 11.92

Mr. Sub Protein Packed

Menu Item Prices
Turkey CAN$ 8.12
Turkey Combo CAN$ 11.47
Albacore Tuna CAN$ 8.12
Roast Beef & Cheddar CAN$ 8.12
Seafood CAN$ 8.12
BLT CAN$ 8.12
Albacore Tuna Combo CAN$ 11.47

Mr. Sub Selects

Menu Item Prices
Meatball CAN$ 7.83
Smoked Meat CAN$ 8.46
Double Stacked Smoked Meat CAN$ 11.13
Double Stacked Smoked Meat Combo CAN$ 14.48
Meatball Combo CAN$ 11.18
Smoked Meat Combo CAN$ 11.81

Mr. SubClassics

Menu Item Prices
Assorted CAN$ 7.04
Assorted Combo CAN$ 10.39
Pizza CAN$ 6.93
Ham CAN$ 6.93
Italian Salami CAN$ 6.93
Veggie & Cheese CAN$ 6.71
Pizza Combo CAN$ 10.28

Mr. Sub Specialty Wraps

Menu Item Prices
Peppery Chicken Caesar CAN$ 9.52
Peppery Chicken Caesar Combo CAN$ 12.87
Southwest Thai Chicken CAN$ 9.3
Chipotle Turkey & Bacon CAN$ 9.3
Southwest Thai Chicken Combo CAN$ 12.65
Chipotle Turkey & Bacon Combo CAN$ 12.65

Mr. Sub On The Side

Menu Item Prices
Pickle Spears CAN$ 2.06
Chips CAN$ 2.06
Cookie CAN$ 1.14
Homestyle Double Chocolate Brownie CAN$ 2.4

Entrée Salads Menu

Menu Item Prices
Greek Salad CAN$ 7.27
Garden Salad CAN$ 7.27
Caesar Salad CAN$ 7.27
Greek Salad Combo CAN$ 10.62
Garden Salad Combo CAN$ 10.62

Kids Meal Menu

Menu Item Prices
Assorted Sub Kids Meal CAN$ 6.71
Ham Sub Kids Meal CAN$ 6.71
Turkey Sub Kids Meal CAN$ 6.71

Mr. sub menu


Mr. Sub is not just a restaurant for quick lunches or dinners, but it also offers a wide range of catering options for events, parties, and gatherings. From large corporate events to small family gatherings, Mr. Sub has something to cater to all kinds of occasions.

One of the most popular catering options offered by Mr. Sub is the party platters. These platters come in different sizes, ranging from small to large, and include a variety of sandwiches, wraps, salads, sides, and desserts. Customers can choose from pre-made platters or create their own by selecting their preferred sandwiches and sides.

Another popular catering option offered by Mr. Sub is sandwich trays. These trays come in different sizes and include a variety of sandwiches. Customers can select from Mr. Sub’s signature sandwiches, including the Classic Italian, Steak and Cheese, and Veggie, or create their own customized sandwiches.

In addition to party platters and sandwich trays, Mr. Sub also offers salad and wrap trays, which are perfect for those who want a lighter option. These trays include a variety of salads and wraps, such as the Caesar Salad and Chicken Caesar Wrap.

The ordering process for Mr. Sub’s catering options is straightforward and easy. Customers can place their orders online or in-store. Mr. Sub requires a minimum of 24-hour notice for all catering orders, and same-day orders are subject to availability.

As for pricing, the cost of Mr. Sub’s catering options depends on the size of the order, the type of platter or tray, and the number of people being served. Customers can contact their local Mr. Sub restaurant to get a quote and discuss their catering needs.

In conclusion, Mr. Sub offers a variety of catering options for events and gatherings of all sizes. With an easy ordering process and customizable options, Mr. Sub is a great choice for those looking to serve delicious and fresh food at their next event.

Nutrition Information

Mr. Sub is committed to providing customers with healthy and nutritious meal options. As part of this commitment, the company provides detailed information on the nutritional content of its menu items. This information is readily available to customers both in-store and online.

At Mr. Sub, customers can access a complete nutrition guide on the company’s website. The guide includes information on the nutritional content of each menu item, including calories, fat, sodium, protein, and carbohydrates. This information can be used by customers to make informed decisions about what they eat and to track their daily nutritional intake.

In addition to the online nutrition guide, Mr. Sub also provides in-store nutrition information. Customers can find this information on the back of each menu item, as well as on posters and other displays throughout the store. This makes it easy for customers to access the information they need to make healthy choices when ordering.

Overall, Mr. Sub is dedicated to providing customers with delicious and healthy meal options. By providing detailed nutrition information, the company empowers customers to make informed decisions about their diet and to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Mr. Sub Calgary Menu

Address: 619 16 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 1K7,5329 72 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2C 4X6,Macleod Village, 4662 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2G 5E8,5253 Richmond Rd SW, Calgary, AB T3E 7C4,Co-op Shopping Centre, 3330 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2A 0P9

Mr Sub Edmonton Menu

14116 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 2M4,7441 Roper Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 3K9,10927 170 St NW Unit 101, Edmonton, AB T5P 4V6,10927 170 St NW Unit 101, Edmonton, AB T5P 4V6,44 116 St NW University of Alberta Etlc Building, Edmonton, AB T6G 2H6,140 St Albert Trail, St. Albert, AB T8N 7C8,#30 Canada Place, 9777 102 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 4G9

Hours [Opening Hours].

Monday, 10:15 a.m.–2:45 p.m.
Tuesday, 10:15 a.m.–2:45 p.m.
Wednesday, 10:15 a.m.–2:45 p.m.
Thursday, 10:15 a.m.–2:45 p.m.
Friday, 10:15 a.m.–2:45 p.m.
Saturday, Closed
Sunday, Closed


In conclusion, Mr. Sub offers a diverse menu with a range of sandwiches, salads, soups, sides, and beverages to suit all tastes and preferences. The customizable options ensure that customers can create a meal that perfectly fits their needs.

In addition to providing delicious food, Mr. Sub is also committed to providing nutritional information so that customers can make informed choices about what they eat. This dedication to quality and nutrition sets Mr. Sub apart from other fast-food chains.

If you’re looking for a quick and tasty meal, we encourage you to visit a Mr. Sub location or place an order online. With fresh ingredients, customizable options, and a commitment to quality and nutrition, Mr. Sub is the perfect choice for your next meal.

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