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Coras Menu Prices Canada 2024

Address: 1368 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1C5
Popular Locations: Vancouver |ON |Calgary, Alberta |Vaughan |Ottawa

Famous for: Pancakes, French toast,  Wraps, Chicken

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Coras Menu restaurant is a popular breakfast and brunch chain in Canada known for its wide variety of delicious dishes made with fresh fruits and vegetables. The restaurant was founded in Montreal in 1987 and has since expanded to over 130 locations across the country.

The menu is a crucial element of the restaurant experience as it provides customers with a glimpse of what to expect from the establishment. It’s the first point of contact between the restaurant and the customer, and it sets the tone for the dining experience. A well-crafted menu can help the restaurant establish its identity and create a lasting impression on customers.

The objective of this content outline is to provide readers with a detailed overview of Cora’s menu. By highlighting the various categories of dishes, popular items, and unique or signature dishes, readers can gain a better understanding of what to expect when dining at Cora’s. Whether they’re looking for a hearty breakfast, a light lunch, or a sweet treat, this content outline will showcase the range of dishes available and encourage readers to visit Cora’s and try their menu items.

Coras Restaurant Menu Prices Canada

Coras Restaurant Beverages

Menu Item Prices
Fruit cocktail CAN$ 6.05
Smoothies CAN$ Priced by add-ons
Cora orange juice CAN$ 5.15
Bottle of juice CAN$ Priced by add-ons
Hot chocolate CAN$ 4.25
Perrier CAN$ 4.35
Bottle of water CAN$ 3.15
Regular coffee CAN$ 3.75
Tea or herbal tea CAN$ 4.15
Cappuccino CAN$ 4.95
Café latte CAN$ 4.95

Cora Restaurant Sweet’n Salty

Menu Item Prices
Gabriel who’s crazy for Triple chocolate pancakes CAN$ 19.55
Mountain of bananas on a waffle for Adam CAN$ 19.55
Strawberry avalanche for Fannie CAN$ 19.55
Our breakfast for the Club* CAN$ 19.55
Jessica born in 89 CAN$ 19.55

Coras Restaurant Eggs Ben et Dictine

Menu Item Prices
Peameal bacon Ben et Dictine CAN$ Priced by add-ons
Smoked salmon Ben et Dictine CAN$ Priced by add-ons
Tomatoes, bacon and green onions Ben et Dictine CAN$ Priced by add-ons
Ham Ben et Dictine CAN$ Priced by add-ons

Coras Restaurant Skillets

Menu Item Prices
10 star skillet CAN$ 19.85
Theo’s skillet CAN$ 19.85
Chrorizo-ham Skillet CAN$ 19.85
Western Skillet CAN$ 19.85

Coras Restaurant Crêpes

Menu Item Prices
Tasty strawberries CAN$ 19.55
The boss’ favorite CAN$ 19.55
Crêpes with meat CAN$ 16.05
April 89 with cocoa-hazelnut CAN$ 19.55
April 89 with custard CAN$ 18.35
Spinach and cheddar crêpe CAN$ 18.35
Banana Blast CAN$ 17.75

Cora Restaurant Pancakes

Menu Item Prices
Strawberry-banana pancakes CAN$ 17.25
Triple chocolate pancakes CAN$ 17.25
Blueberry Fields Pancakes CAN$ 17.25
Pancakes with meat CAN$ 16.05

Coras Restaurant Crêpomelettes

Menu Item Prices
Western-cheddar crêpomelette CAN$ 19.55
Chorizo and goat cheese crêpomelette CAN$ 19.55
Spinach and cheddar crêpomelette CAN$ 19.55

Coras Restaurant Savoury Omelettes

Menu Item Prices
Smoked salmon omelette CAN$ 21.85
Western Omelette CAN$ 18.75
10 star omelette CAN$ 19.55
Spinach and cheddar omelette CAN$ 17.55
Gigi Omelette CAN$ 19.85

Coras Restaurant Eggs

Menu Item Prices
2 eggs with fruit CAN$ 16.65
1 egg, choice of accompaniment and potatoes CAN$ 12.65
2 eggs, choice of accompaniment and potatoes CAN$ 13.15
3 eggs, choice of accompaniment and potatoes CAN$ 13.75
Rosemary’s Sunday CAN$ 19.55
Jo Construction CAN$ 18.35
Gargantuan breakfast CAN$ 20.65

Coras Restaurant Teens’ favourites

Menu Item Prices
Burrito crêpe CAN$ 18.35
Brunch burger CAN$ 18.95
The Club CAN$ 20.65

Coras Restaurant French Toast

Menu Item Prices
Brioche for Elise CAN$ 19.25
French toast with meat CAN$ 14.95
French toast with fresh fruit CAN$ 17.25
1990’s Harvest CAN$ 19.25
Surprise CAN$ 18.35
Seventh of July CAN$ 18.35

Coras Restaurant Waffles

Menu Item Prices
Waffle with strawberries CAN$ 19.55
Waffle with fresh fruit CAN$ 18.35

Coras Restaurant Sandwiches

Menu Item Prices
Spinach omelette and goat cheese bagel CAN$ 18.75
Bagel and lox with potaotes CAN$ 19.55
Bagel and lox with fresh fruit CAN$ 21.85
Bagel and lox CAN$ 17.25
Chicken melt with fruit CAN$ 19.55
Chicken melt CAN$ 13.75
Tuna melt with potatoes CAN$ 16.05
Tuna melt CAN$ 13.75
Egg salad with potatoes CAN$ 14.95
Egg salad with fruit CAN$ 17.25
Egg salad CAN$ 12.65

Coras Restaurant Fresh fruit

Menu Item Prices
Large bowl of fresh fruit with toast CAN$ 12.35
Peggy’s poached CAN$ 17.25
Bowl of fresh fruit CAN$ 9.75

Coras Restaurant A little extra

Menu Item Prices
Pure maple syrup CAN$ 1.15
Meat or protein CAN$ Priced by add-ons
Hollandaise sauce CAN$ 3.75
Potatoes CAN$ 3.75
Salted Caramel CAN$ 4.55
Custard CAN$ 3.75
Cocoa-hazelnut spread CAN$ 4.55
Cheddar cheese CAN$ 4.55
Swiss cheese CAN$ 3.75
Cottage cheese CAN$ 3.75
Cream cheese CAN$ 1.65

coras menu

Coras Beverages Menu

The beverages menu at Cora’s offers a wide range of options to quench any thirst. Divided into different categories, there are options for those looking for something hot or cold, as well as delicious smoothies.

In the “Hot Beverages” section, customers can find classics such as coffee and tea, as well as specialty drinks like cappuccino and latte. For those looking for something unique, Cora’s offers their signature “Café Jardin,” a hot chocolate drink made with dark chocolate, hazelnut syrup, and whipped cream.

The “Cold Beverages” section includes refreshing options such as lemonade, iced tea, and soda. There is also a variety of fresh fruit juices available, including the ever-popular fresh orange juice. Customers can also enjoy Cora’s unique “Fruit Cocktail,” a blend of fresh fruit juice, grenadine syrup, and soda water.

For those looking for a healthy option or a sweet treat, the “Smoothies” section offers a range of options. There are fruit-based smoothies, like the “Tropical Tango” made with mango, pineapple, and banana, as well as indulgent options like the “Banana Split Smoothie,” which features banana, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.

In addition to these categories, Cora’s also offers unique and signature beverages. One example is their “Mimosa,” a classic brunch drink made with orange juice and sparkling wine. For those looking for a non-alcoholic option, Cora’s “Sunrise” is a delicious blend of orange, pineapple, and cranberry juice.

Overall, the beverage menu at Cora’s provides a variety of options for any taste or preference. From classic hot drinks to unique signature cocktails, there is something for everyone.

Coras Kids Menu

Cora’s restaurant understands the importance of catering to children’s needs and taste preferences, which is why they have a dedicated kids menu that offers a range of dishes. The kids menu at Cora’s is designed to appeal to kids’ taste buds and encourage them to explore new flavors and textures.

The kids menu at Cora’s features different categories of dishes, including breakfast items such as “Egg & Toast,” “Pancakes,” and “French Toast.” These dishes are popular with children and offer a filling and nutritious start to the day.

Other popular dishes on the kids menu include “Mini Waffles,” “Cheese Omelette,” and “Grilled Cheese Sandwich.” These dishes are made with high-quality ingredients and are prepared with the same level of care and attention as the dishes on the regular menu.

In addition to the popular dishes, Cora’s also offers unique and signature dishes for kids, such as the “Funny Face Pancake.” This dish features a fluffy pancake topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream, arranged in the shape of a fun face. This dish is not only delicious but also visually appealing, which can help encourage kids to eat and try new foods.

Overall, Cora’s kids menu offers a variety of dishes that are not only tasty but also nutritious. The menu is designed to cater to the needs and preferences of children, with dishes that are easy to eat, fun to look at, and packed with essential nutrients. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or brunch, Cora’s has something for everyone, including the little ones.

Cora Breakfast Menu

Address ; 6720 Meadowvale Town Centre Cir, Mississauga, ON L5N 4B7,6720 Meadowvale Town Centre Cir, Mississauga, ON L5N 4B7,801 Marine Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3K6,850 Douglas St #150, Victoria, BC V8W 2B6,3068 Gladwin Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2T 5T5,3730 Bd des Forges, Trois-Rivières, QC G8Y 4R2,3025 Lougheed Hwy. Unit 390, Coquitlam, BC V3B 6S2

Coras Menu Ottawa

1530 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1G 4A3,280 W Hunt Club Rd #5, Ottawa, ON K2E 0B7,179 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5X8,2629 Alta Vista Dr, Ottawa, ON K1V 7T5,1355 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K2B 6R7,4055 Carling Ave, Kanata, ON K2K 2A4

Cora Menu Edmonton

10041 106 St, Edmonton, AB T5J 1G3,2920 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 2G8,9977 178 St NW #6, Edmonton, AB T5T 6J6,4270 137 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5Y 2W7,12542 137 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 4Y5,6267 Currents Dr NW, Edmonton, AB T6W 0L9

Coras Menu Winnipeg

840 Waverley St, Winnipeg, MB R3T 5Z7,1440 Jack Blick Ave #101c, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0L4,845 Dakota St Unit 30, Winnipeg, MB R2M 5M3

Hours [Opening Hours].

Monday (Easter Monday), 7 a.m.–3 p.m., Hours might differ
Tuesday, 7 a.m.–3 p.m.
Wednesday, 7 a.m.–3 p.m.
Thursday, 7 a.m.–3 p.m.
Friday, 7 a.m.–3 p.m.
Saturday, 7 a.m.–3 p.m.
Sunday, 7 a.m.–3 p.m.


In conclusion, Cora’s menu offers a wide variety of delicious options for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and all-day breakfast. Each menu category has its own unique dishes that cater to different tastes and preferences. Some of the popular dishes at Cora’s include the Mediterranean Omelette, Blueberry & Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast, and Morning Glory Muffin.

Whether you’re looking for a hearty breakfast, a light lunch, or a satisfying brunch, Cora’s menu has something for everyone. Additionally, their beverage menu offers a selection of hot and cold drinks, including smoothies, fresh juices, and specialty coffee drinks.

If you’re looking for a restaurant that offers delicious food and a great dining experience, we highly recommend visiting Cora’s. Their menu items are made with fresh ingredients and are always presented beautifully. So, why not give it a try and taste the flavors of Cora’s menu for yourself?

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