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Chatime Menu Prices Canada 2024 ❤️

Address:4700 Kingsway #2264, Burnaby, BC V5H 4N2, Canada
Popular Locations:Toronto|Montreal|Vancouver|Calgary|Edmonton

Famous for:Chatime , Fresh ingredients, Customization
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Chatime is a Taiwanese tea cafe chain, known for its wide range of milk teas, fruit teas, coffee and other beverages. Chatime Menu Prices Canada have many locations around the world, offering an atmosphere for people to relax and enjoy quality drinks. They aims to provide a fun and satisfying tea-drinking experience for its customers.

Chatime also offers a range of toppings and add-ons to customize your drink, including different types of tapioca pearls, jelly, pudding, and more. In addition to beverages, Chatime also offers a menu of light snacks and food items. The chain emphasizes the use of high-quality, fresh ingredients and a commitment to sustainability, using recyclable or biodegradable materials whenever possible.

Chatime is known for its innovative approach to tea-making, constantly experimenting with new flavors and ingredients. The brand has a loyal following of customers who appreciate its commitment to quality, affordability, and creativity. Chatime also has a strong emphasis on customer service and creating a welcoming atmosphere, making it a popular destination for casual gatherings and socializing with friends. Additionally, the brand has been actively involved in various community events and initiatives, showing its commitment to making a positive impact in the places it operates.

Chatime Menu Prices in Canada

Chatime Brown Sugar

Menu Item Price
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea CAN$ 7.6
Brown Sugar Milk Tea CAN$ 7.2
Brown Sugar Roasted Milk Tea CAN$ 7.2
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk CAN$ 7.8

Chatime Foods/Snacks

Menu Item Price
Sichuan Spicy Wonton CAN$ 9.99

Chatime Milk Tea

Menu Item Price
Chatime Milk Tea CAN$ 6.3
Chatime Roasted Milk Tea CAN$ 6.3
Thai Coffee Milk Tea CAN$ 6.8
Thai Milk Tea CAN$ 6.5
Pearl Milk Tea CAN$ 6.5
Taro Milk Tea CAN$ 6.5
Classic Hazelnut Milk Tea CAN$ 6.3
Honeydew Milk Tea CAN$ 6.3
Jasmine Green Milk Tea CAN$ 6

Chatime Smoothies

Menu Item Price
Passion Fruit Slush CAN$ 6.8
Honeydew Slush CAN$ 6.5
Milk Tea Marble CAN$ 7.7
Milk Tea Smoothie CAN$ 6.8
Taro Smoothie CAN$ 6.8
Taro Marble CAN$ 7.7
Cocoa Smoothie CAN$ 6.8
Mango Slush CAN$ 6.8
Lemon Yoghurt Slush CAN$ 6.8

Chatime QQ Jelly

Menu Item Price
Taiwan Mango QQ CAN$ 7
Passion Fruit QQ CAN$ 7
Grapefruit QQ CAN$ 7
Lemon QQ CAN$ 7
Grass Jelly with Fresh Milk CAN$ 7
Lychee Yoghurt QQ CAN$ 7
Peach QQ CAN$ 7

Chatime Grape Series – New!

Menu Item Price
Grape Yogurt CAN$ 6.2
Grape Green Tea CAN$ 6.2
Grape Slush CAN$ 7
Grape Slush with Salty Cream CAN$ 7.6

Chatime Fruit Tea

Menu Item Price
Grapefruit Green/Black Tea CAN$ 6.3
Hawaiian Fruit Tea CAN$ 6.3
Lemon Green/Black Tea CAN$ 6.3
Mango Green Tea CAN$ 6.3
Peach Green/Black Tea CAN$ 6.3
Kumquat Green Tea CAN$ 6.3
Passion Fruit Green Tea CAN$ 6.3
Yoghurt Green/Black Tea CAN$ 6.3
Lychee Black Tea CAN$ 6.3

Chatime Refreshing Juice

Menu Item Price
Mango Yoghurt CAN$ 6.3
Kumquat Lemon Juice CAN$ 6
Lemon Juice CAN$ 6
Kumquat Juice CAN$ 6
Lemon Yoghurt Juice CAN$ 6.3
Honey Lemon Aloe CAN$ 6.8

Chatime Wintermelon

nu Item Price
Wintermelon Dew CAN$ 6.2
Wintermelon Fresh Milk CAN$ 6.8
Wintermelon Lemon Juice CAN$ 6.2
Wintermelon Mousse CAN$ 6.8

Chatime Fresh Tea

Menu Item Price
Jasmine Green Tea CAN$ 5.25
Black Tea CAN$ 5.25
Earl Gray Tea CAN$ 5.25

Chatime Latte

Menu Item Price
Black Tea Latte CAN$ 6.5
Green Tea Latte CAN$ 6.5
Matcha Tea Latte CAN$ 6.8

Chatime Mousse

Menu Item Price
Black Tea Mousse CAN$ 6.3
Chocolate Mousse CAN$ 6.8
Green Tea Mousse CAN$ 6.3
Matcha Mousse CAN$ 6.8

 Chatime Menu Prices Canada

Chatime’s menu is constantly evolving to keep up with changing tastes and trends, but the brand remains dedicated to preserving traditional tea-making methods and the essence of authentic Taiwanese tea culture. The company has a team of tea experts and master brewers who work to create unique and delicious tea blends that are exclusive to Chatime. The chain has a strong presence in Asia, as well as a growing international presence, with locations in countries such as Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. With its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Chatime continues to be a leading name in the world of tea cafes.

Chatime Near Me Menu Canada

There are 84 Chatime stores in Canada.

Chatime Menu Toronto

132 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1C3,461 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2A9

Chatime Menu Ottawa

1547 Merivale Rd #7, Ottawa, ON K2G 3J4,375 Dalhousie St, Ottawa, ON K1N 9L3,695 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R 6P5
Enjoy your smoothies in nearby stores.

Chatime Menu Vancouver

1545 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J 1W6,2740 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z9,2740 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z9

Chatime Menu Markham

9850 Markham Rd #4, Markham, ON L6E 0H7,169 Enterprise Blvd l106, Markham, ON L6G 1B3,20 Gibson Dr #111, Markham, ON L3R 8B5
Enjoy your smoothies in nearby stores.

Chatime Menu Calgary

4307 130 Ave SE #23, Calgary, AB T2Z 3V8,12030 Symons Valley Rd NW #14, Calgary, AB T3P 0C5

Chatime Menu Scarborough

3250 Midland Ave g107, Scarborough, ON M1V 0C4,300 Borough Dr, Scarborough, ON M1P 4P5,2101 Brimley Rd #108, Scarborough, ON M1S 2B4

Chatime Menu Burnaby

5216 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 3P4,4569 Hastings St, Burnaby, BC V5C 2K3,4700 Kingsway #2264, Burnaby, BC V5H 4N2

Chatime Hours [Opening Hours]

Monday 11:30 am - 12:00 am
Tuesday 11:30 am - 12:00 am
Wednesday 11:30 am - 12:00 am
Thursday 11:30 am - 1:00 am
Friday 11:30 am - 1:00 am
Saturday 11:30 am - 1:00 am
Sunday 11:30 am - 12:00 am

These hours may change with the different location.

Chatime Menu

Chatime’s success has also been attributed to its strong brand image and marketing strategies. The company’s iconic logo and distinctive color scheme have become recognizable and memorable to customers, and its marketing campaigns have been effective in promoting the brand and engaging customers. The company has also been successful in adapting to the digital age, offering an online ordering system and mobile app for customers to place their orders and make payments more conveniently. Additionally, Chatime has a strong social media presence, regularly engaging with its customers and promoting its brand through various platforms. These efforts have helped Chatime to build a strong community of loyal customers who are passionate about the brand.

Some FAQs About Chatime Menu Prices Canada

Here are some commonly asked questions about Chatime’s menu:

  1. What kind of drinks does Chatime offer?
  • Chatime offers a wide range of drinks including milk teas, fruit teas, smoothies, coffee, and more.
  1. Can I customize my drink at Chatime?
  • Yes, you can customize your drink by choosing the sweetness level, ice level, and adding toppings such as tapioca pearls, jelly, or pudding.
  1. Does Chatime offer any food items?
  • Yes, Chatime also offers a menu of light snacks such as egg puffs and popcorn chicken.
  1. Are the ingredients used by Chatime fresh?
  • Yes, Chatime uses high-quality, fresh ingredients in all of its beverages and food items.
  1. Does Chatime have any promotions or special offers?
  • Chatime regularly offers promotions and special deals, so it is best to check with your local Chatime store or website for the latest information.
  1. Does Chatime have a loyalty program?
  • Yes, Chatime has a loyalty program where customers can earn points and redeem rewards.
  1. Is Chatime’s menu suitable for people with dietary restrictions?
  • Chatime offers a variety of drinks and food items that are suitable for different dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

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